My name is Stéphane Potvin.

I am first and foremost a classically trained orchestra and choir conductor.

For over twenty-five years, I have also been involved in creating promotional materials—posters, flyers, websites, etc. I have a critical eye for good design, an appreciation for clarity, and a special interest in typography. I have acquired a wide range of techniques that help me create designs that are elegant, classy, and effective.

The name Design Maestro stems from my music background and my interest in teaching. Seeing a great need around me for better design I put my knowledge to work and help others create quality documents.

I offer short blogs each dealing with one aspect of design. In connection to those blogs, I offer podcasts illustrating many of the topics, and related articles at my website http://www.maestro-design.ca.

For more in-depth learning, I offer one-on-one training and group sessions to discuss subjects relating to print design, web design and efficient presentations using slide shows (Powerpoint).


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